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Protect Against Damage from Condensation Drip on now
Source:jenny Updated:23-03-2017

What the serious problem we met now?

Now what we’re facing the most urgent, main problem for the greenhouse that is, how to deal with the small drops of water that are formed when steam or warm air touches a cold surface damages the vegetables or flowers.

The droplets fall onto the plants below the sheets, which causing fungus, disease and diminishing plant growth. The moisture droplets on the greenhouse wall also influence the light transmission of the greenhouse, which further reduces the vegetables grow rates.

To avoid the condensation droplets, bad weather influence on the plants, modern and smart Huili SUNLITE anti-fog greenhouse polycarbonate sheet has used to offer special protection while ensuring sufficient sunlight, water and meticulous care for plants to grow.


What is anti-fog?

When the condensation levels inside the greenhouse are very high, drops of water form on the surface of the polycarbonate sheet.  The water drips down onto the plants and creates conditions that encourage the development of plant disease.  Another cause for the accumulation of water drops on the film is the difference between internal and external temperatures during the night. 

Huili special anti-fog effective is added some alcohol solubility material to insoluble in water and extend service life. The droplets gather together and slide into the gutters, instead of dripping down onto the foliage.


What we have done?

Until now, Huili has successfully applied this type of polycarbonate anti-fog sheet in more than 5 million square meter of greenhouse space. This type of sheet is suitable for different kind of weather conditions, the cold weather, hot weather, or any other hard weather.


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