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How the new PC roofing sheets change your life
Source:jenny Updated:09-03-2017

Nature serves as the model for many groundbreaking inventions. Often it supplies the impulse that is necessary for treading new paths and asking decisive questions. How can walls keep out noise and cold but let in light? What are the advantages of huili polycarbonate sheets?Decades of development and production have clearly shown that the fortes of polycarbonate sheets are remarkable: they are ecological and economical, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Huili TUVGLAZE series is an ideal option for polycarbonate roofing. It can easy to do DIY by yourself. You can assemble the polycarbonate sheets simply.

The polycarbonate sheets have been on the market for more than 40 years. Now we are changing the requirements and demands. We are asking more easily way to do projects. When we do one garden at home, we make roofing, we hope to get more choice. TUVGLAZE series can be customized to meet the needs of builders. We have different ranges of colors and thickness. It can be easily installed.

  1. Use more aluminum profiles
  2. Water-proofing performance
  3. Easy to install
  4. Better wind load resistance
  5. 1.8mm TUVGLAZE equal to 3mm flat solid sheet
  6. Without any screw and glue on the sheets

On above is suited the one who has low budget cost, if you want to use for the stadium, airport, railway station’s roofing, we also provide the enhanced polycarbonate TUVGLAZE sheets.


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