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See-through Kayaks
Source:Joyce Updated:21-04-2017

Huili has created a beautiful transparent kayak that allows users to view the underwater world below.

The kayaks come with varying polycarbonate panels which are made entirely of a clear plastic giving the paddler a crystal clear view.

Polycarbonate material which is used in fighter jet canopies and bulletproof glass.

The polymer hull is designed to act like a large snorkel mask that pierces the surface tension of the water, allowing users to see fish and coral underneath while remaining safely on the surface. The kayaks are eleven-feet long and just under three-feet wide, and are designed to accommodate either one or two people. The design includes high sides and the open cockpit of a canoe, while users can paddle the craft as if they were in a kayak. A low centre of gravity helps with tracking in the water, making it easier for beginners to use.

For the first time in water, both swimmers and non swimmers can explore the waters and view the life beneath them without getting wet.

the polycarbonate kayaks offer a pure, peaceful experience and the vision beneath is amazingly clear and detailed.

The completely transparent kayaks allow people to marvel at the marine life and watch fish such as stingrays in their natural habitats. Half the time you will see people out on the kayaks and they have been in the same spot for 10 or 15 minutes because they are busy watching the fish, it is great!

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