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Translucent Glazing Facade System
Source:Jenny Updated:08-12-2017

One of the hallmarks of a green building is the use of natural daylight to create a positive quality of lighting for indoor environments. This feature, when coupled with appropriate electric light switches or controls, also has the added benefit of being able to reduce energy costs for artificial lighting.

When electric lights are turned off, they don’t generate heat, so less cooling is needed in a building. Hence, daylighting provides multiple benefits for people and buildings, but how is it best accomplished? New advances in building product technology now make it possible for architects to consider not only window openings for daylighting but the creation of entire daylit building facades. 

Further, understanding that clear-view glazing is not necessarily the first choice for good quality daylighting, investigation into other options using translucent glazing is warranted. Such translucent systems offer better glare control, higher thermal performance, and easier maintenance compared to clear glass systems. 

This course will explore some of these systems and the ways that they can contribute to innovatively designed, high-performing buildings that are fully code compliant, green, and sustainable. 


Project: Omnisport
Location: de Voorwaarts 55 Apeldoorn 
Elements: PC 2540-6 Helder GF10 Opaal GF10, Oranje 0,5% GF10 Oranje 1,5% GF10 

High-performance daylighting facades are possible using advanced systems that combine glare-controlled translucent light with customizable, thermally efficient, translucent facades as shown here.


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