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TUVLITE® Solar Control*

Huili Polycarbonate Solar smart Sheet

SolarSmart technology defies standard transmission of solar energy intransparent sheets and allows more versatile color and solar transmissionspecification per project.

Unlike regular tints, SolarSmart sheets and panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting outwards Infrared radiation thatcreates heat. This characteristic breaksthe

traditional link between shadingcoefficient and light transmission, allowing a different perspective on thespecification of natural light in architectural design.


Internal Temperature Reduction Comparison

Testing proves that products with a protective infra-red filter can significantly reduce internal heating.

Huili’s heat-management glazing makes use of an innovative technology platform. Instead of being transparent or opal as

previous products, the TUVLITE Solar Control sheet materials are transparent with a light blue tint, which blocks near-infrared 

heat but lets in high levels of light.

Main Benefits
● Promotes energetic efficiency and well being
● Better use of natural lighting without sacrificing the interiors
● Reduces greenhouse effect
● Applicable to all transparent polycarbonate products
● Can be used to tailor specific solar trnsmission properties

Typical Applications
● Closed inhabited spaces
● Architectural roofing and glazing
● Sport venues
● Covered walkways and canopies
● Swimming pool covers
● Pergolas and canopies

Building Energy Conservation Test Report of 6.6mm Low-E sheet


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