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TUVLITE® Embossed* (EM-2)

Huili TUVLITE EM-2 Prismatic Sheet

Designed to meet the requirements of today's sophisticated work environments, the TUVLITE EM-2 is one polycarbonate prismatic lighting panel 

that eliminates glare and obscures fluorescent and HID lamps. The EM-2 features 3/16" square base female conical prism placed on a 45°axis, 

resulting in a high level of visual comfort.

The character of Prismatic Panel

Property Unit Test Medthod Value
Raw material Thailand Bayer Makrolon 3113
Thickness mm / 3.0-5.0
Density g/m3 ASTM D792 1.2
Light Transmission(clear) % ASTM D1003 ≥85
Light Transmission(light diffusion) % ASTM D1003 55-56
Heat Deflection Temperature GB/T 1634.2 ≥130
Tensile Impact Strength KJ/m2 GB/T 13525 ≥150
Variation Rate of Heating Sizes % JG/T 347 ≤10
Refraction Rate / ASTM D542A 1.597
Life test Year ASTM D1003 10
Fire Resistance UL / V0,V2
/ GB 8624-2012 Fire retardantB1(B-s1,d0,t1)
Pattern 3/16"square base female conical prism placed on a 45°axis

● Custom thickness and sizes available.


● LED skylight

● AD signs

● Ceiling

● Exterior Applications

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