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Huili Lumina sheets polycarbonate light diffuser sheets 

TUVLITE® Lumina sheets provide solutions to various applications in populated indoor areas. TUVLITE® Lumina combines excellent mechanical 

properties and impact strength, water-clear clarity, excellent resistance to chemicals and fire resistance. It withstands many chemical agents and can 

be easily formed using various fabrication techniques. Optional characteristics range from high clarity and anti-glare surface to increased impact resistance.

Grade Designations- MS601-5

Thickness mm / 2.5-5.0
Density g/m3 ASTM D792 1.2
Light Transmission(light diffusion) % ASTM D1003 45-65
Haze %
ASTM D1003 94.70%

Grade Designations- MS601-7

Thickness mm / 1.5-3.0
Density g/m3 ASTM D792 1.2
Light Transmission(light diffusion) % ASTM D1003 55-75
Haze % ASTM D1003 94.70%

Grade Designations- MS601-8

Thickness mm / 1.7-5.0
Density g/m3 ASTM D792 1.2
Light Transmission(light diffusion) % ASTM D1003 70-85
Haze % ASTM D1003 94.70%

The Character of PC diffuser sheet

Property Unit Test Medthod Value
Raw material Thailand Bayer Makrolon 3113
Heat Deflection Temperature GB/T 1634.2 ≥130
Tensile Yield Stress Mpa GB/T 1040 ≥60
Variation Rate of Heating Sizes % JG/T 347 ≤10
Refraction Rate / ASTM D542A 1.59
Life test Year ASTM D1003 10
Fire Resistance UL / V0,V2
/ GB 8624-2012    Fire retardant       B1(B-s1,d0,t1)

 More light diffusion options from us mean fewer design problems for you

 Three levels of light diffusion:

● Simplify design considerations for newfixtures and for retrofit conversions to LED’s

● Different levels also help maximize yourfixture’s performance

 State-of-the-art diffusion technology from Bayer MaterialScience:

●  Provides hiding power for LED hot spotswhile maintaining high light transmission

● Increase the light uniformity throughout the lens

● Enhances uniformity with projected light

 Higher temperature resistance vs. acrylic:

● Enhances design versatility by allowplacement of LED’s closer to the diffuser

 Far more break resistance than acrylic and glass:

● Provides toughness for fixtures in damageprone areas such as education and production facilities

● UL-94 V0 flammability rating: Affordsimproved flammability performance over acrylic.

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