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Rodeca Facades

RODECA products givea building its special character. At the Laban Centre in London, thetranslucent double facade creates surprising effects in 

the interior andexterior; the Arena Zagreb achieves its impact because of its striking,transparent envelope; and the Crystal Design Centre in Bangkok 

gets its specialflair from differently coloured panels.

In many respects theproducts of RODECA are trendsetting and unique. The company also sets standardswhen it comes to recycling. The construction 

elements, for instance, are madefrom special material polycarbonate, which can be bent into new shapes again andagain. State- of the-art technologies

Make it possible:after having been used, facades and roofs can be retransformed into pliablegranulate. Recycled in global sustainable supply cycles, the 

material can beused for manufacturing new products anywhere in the world-and who knows,perhaps even products in the range made by RODECA.


● Polycarbonate is a crystal clear, high impact thermoplastic

● The temperature resistanca from -40 to +115°C, tmeporarily up to 130°C

● Impact resistance virtually unchanged within these temperatures

● Good long term performance through UV protection

● 10 years warranty against yellowing-ageing-hail stone

● Translucent with excellent thermal properties


● Glazings

● Sports and industrial halls

● Roofing construction

● Northerm Lights

● Window glazing

● Interior applications

● Rain screens

● Curtain facades

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