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Kayak Deluxe Seat

Not only the kayak, we also send you the accessories of what you need. The seat material is form moulded foam. The polyester material makes it durable in the sea. The seat backrest can be easily adjusted by using four webbing straps, which attach to the kayak with solid brass dog clips. You can use these to adjust the angle of the backrest to your preferred padding position.


1. The Seat

The straps at the top of the seat will attach in front of the seat and the lower straps will attach behind the seat.

2. The Kayak

Locate where you want to attach the straps.

3. Place The Seat Into The Kayak

So that the fold if the seat is resting snugly against the back of the seat area.

4. Attach The Clips In The Correct Areas.

5. Tighten the straps
It is best to tighten the straps gradually until you are happy with
the position of the seat. Make sure that you end up with the straps taught so that the seat does not move while you are using the kayak. If installed correctly the back rest should end up slightly curved.

6. How To Remove The Seat

To remove the seat slightly loosen one of the straps so that you can unclip it. You should then be able to unclip the rest of the straps easily. The next time you put the seat in it will be a lot quicker as all the other straps will be correctly set up.


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