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HLISUN® Plus Anti Condensation Drip

HLISUN® Anti - Condensation Drip Polycarbonate Greenhouse Sheet

HLISUN® Plus combines high light transmission, excellent weather resistance and a special anti-drip feature required for plant growth.

HLISUN® Plus provides an optimal cultivation environment for agricultural greenhouses. The sheet blocks ultraviolet rays than burn plants and living tissues

while transmitting high percentage of natural daylight.

HLISUN® Anti - Condensation Drip Polycarbonate Greenhouse Sheet Offers a specially developed coating on the inner surface that reduces the formation of condensation droplets. 

This product is an excellent choice for roof glazing applications in which water droplets are a hazard, such as commercial greenhouses where they can cause crop spoilage and loss of light transmission.

Series Structure Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Unit Weight(kg/sqm) Light Transmission(max%) Color Standard Size(mm) Remark Application
HLISUN® Plus   8 2100 1.5 80 clear opal  2100*6000 2100*12000  1250*6000 1250*12000 other colours/sizes on request ·greenhouse   ·garden centers      ·swimming pools
10 2100 1.7 79
  16 2100 2.7 73
  16 2100 2.7 65

 ◎ High Heat Insulation
HLISUN® Plus’s heat preservation is twice as much as glass. But it only needs 60% consumption like glass in winter. It can highly reduce the cost ofgreen house.
 ◎ Safety Performance
HLISUN® Plus has good impact resistance. It can resist natural disasterslike hail, etc.
 ◎ High Light Transmittance
HLISUN® Plus’s max light transmittance is 88% and it can let thesunshine evenly into the greenhouse.
 ◎ Simply processed and installed
HLISUN® Plus’s weight is much lighter than  glass. It’s only 1/15 of thesame thickness glass. So it can effected reduce the cost of installed.
 ◎ Effected Anti-fog Performance

HLISUN® Plus anti-fog technology can increase the surface tension between the condensate and the sheets then control the drop of the droplets. Ithas alcohol insoluble 

solids on the internal surface which insoluble in waterand assures long-life.

Main Benefits
●  Built-in condensation control eliminatesthe harmful effects of dripping
●  More light transmission during cold periods
●  Transparent- Up to 80% light transmission
●  Co-extruded UV protection on one or bothsides
●  Blocks out UV radiation
●  High thermal insulation
●  Impact resistance-Virtually unbreakable
●  Lightweight

●  Easy to work with and install 

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